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Session 1 agriXchange workshop July 12th

This video was shot July 12th at the Efita Conference in Prague. It contains the first session of the agriXchange workshop. Double-click on video to present it fullscreen.

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Session 1 (Chair: Cor Verdouw, The Netherlands)
9h00-9h15 Introduction: short presentation of the agriXchange project by Sjaak Wolfert (project coordinator)
9h15-9h40 Agricultural Information Management Standards by Johannes Keizer (Food and Agricultural Organization)
9h40-10h05 Spatial Data Exchange for Member States in the Framework of the LPIS Quality Assurance Scheme by Wim Devos (European Commission – Joint Research Centre)
10h05-10h30 INSPIRE Data Specifications from a member state’s point of view by Frans van Diepen (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands)

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