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user management

WP3 group said:
"On the last meeting, we discussed how "open" the access to the platform should be. The platform discussion group proposed that we need two layers of users: 1) the project partners should have access to all content and be permitted to add and edit content, 2) the general public users who can register themselves, but content provided by them will be moderated. For anonymous users, all content is visible, except the user profiles, but not editable."

SW: I agree with this. One execption for group 2 is that the forum should be moderated, but not instantly. So messages must be placed immediately and only removed or modified afterwards if necessary. I believe that a form of self-regulation will work with this.
About the registration I expect that external users (so non-agriXchange partners) will be able to register themselves at this website and not by e-mail like we had to do the first time?

It is planned that external users can register themselves. They will then receive a confirmation e-mail, but there is no approval by an administrator. For content generated by these users (e.g. comments on a text), we can either choose to a) allow all content and remove or modify this content if necessary such as spam, or b) publish this content only after approval. b) has the advantage, that all spam can be avoided, but it can be quite discouraging for an user if content is not visible after writing it.
Which of this two moderation methods will be used still has to be decided by the agriXchange community.

I opt for a). It's true that we want to avoid spam, but we could first try it out for several months and see how it works out. If it is a real problem you can still go for b).

In NL we have rather nice communities/platforms for Pig and Dairy farmers ( and Here they use the direct way of dropping in comments (real open). Its also build on Drupal.
I asked those people about their experiences with spam. This is real promissing... so lets go for option A.

"We never got spam in "comments on a text" or in userwritten messages (news, uploaded documents) behind login. I would choose to publish in the direct way, it's indeed very dissaponting not to see your own text after sendig it in.
If you don't like this, there are drupal modules available to support partly manual workflow. Can be handy in case of splitting up the writing and publishing (by a moderator).
Areas where you can expect to get some spam is in the contactform and signinform, but this can be tackled by adding a so called captcha".